Corrective Action Supine Hip Flexion

Corrective Action Supine Hip Flexion

Supine Hip Flexion Test – 2018

Assessment Standards

  • Perform before and after you warm up
  • This assessment, like other things, is better with a partner

Dr. Sean mentions “knee tests” in the video. He’s referring to the Prone Heel to Butt and Kneeling Butt to Heel Assessments.

Range of Motion Standards

  • Quad to ribcage
  • No pain or pinching
  • Back doesn’t smash your partner’s hand
  • Leg does not drag

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why test before and after warming up?
Answer: If range of motion improves as you warm up there is a good chance we can permanently improve your range of motion with a Bulletproof program or 1 on 1 Coaching.

If range of motion stays the same or gets worse when you warm up you need to speak with an Active Life Coach.

Question: I feel pain during the assessment. Should I knock out some heavy back squats and maybe 10 or 20 max effort sprints?

Answer: Please no. Contact us with the red support button or click here to connect with one of our coaches.

Question: My hips hurt but I passed this test. What should I do?
Answer: Great question. It’s possible you have a strength balance issue but we need more info to be sure. Contact us with the red support button or click here to connect with one of our coaches.

Question: My hip range of motion is excellent but my squat depth is horrible. Please help. What do I do?
Answer: Don’t fret. Let’s check ankle range of motion.

OH NO! I already checked my ankles and they are fine. Should I look for a long term care facility in my area?

Probably not. Please contact an Active Life Coach. We’ll get you taken care of.

Knee Pain, Pressure or Discomfort

Knee pain is best addressed with 1 on 1 coaching. If your knees hurt and/or have limited range of motion please apply for 1 on 1 Coaching. It’s 100% free and without obligation.

Corrective Action Supine Hip Flexion

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