Bulletproof Single Leg Bias

Bulletproof Single Leg Bias

Bottom Line Up Front
Roughly 40% of athletes we assess have a left-to-right strength imbalance.

Roughly 50% of athletes we assess lack single leg squat strength and/or stamina at or near end range.


In other words, you probably need to improve single leg strength stamina.

Assess. Don’t guess.

It’s easy to identify a single leg strength imbalance.

Step 1
Find your 10 Rep Max Front Squat

Step 2
Take 35% of the 10 rep max from above.

Step 3
Find max reps of Front Rack Box Step Ups to a box slightly above knee height for both legs using 35% of your 10 rep max.

Step 4
If you get less than 8 reps on either leg you have a strength imbalance.

Can’t do any reps at 35%? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…and we can fix the issue.

About the Program
Bulletproof Single Leg Bias addresses single leg strength balance issues with 40 easy to follow workouts.

  • 40 workouts
  • 15-20 minutes each
  • Best done before your normal daily workout

Bulletproof Single Leg Bias 101 is built to improve:

  • Single leg strength
  • Single leg strength stamina
  • Midline stability
  • Hip function

Buy it once. Own it forever.
When you buy any Bulletproof Program you have access to it forever…or at least as long as we’re in business. 😉

Price: Only $149
Wait?!?! It’s only $149 for a program built by doctors and battle tested by thousands of athletes?

Yes. It’s only $149…and you own it forever.

How do I know if Bulletproof Single Leg Bias is right for me?
See the test at the top of the page.

Another good indicator is low back pain after running, kipping or high rep squats or deadlifts.

How do I know if Bulletproof Single Leg Bias is WRONG for me?
If you are recovering from surgery or an acute injury you need to speak with an Active Life Doctor before starting any Bulletproof Program. Use the form below.

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