Bulletproof Shoulders

Bulletproof Shoulders

If you lift weights, throw a ball, swim, carry kids around or use your arms for anything other than keeping a shirt on your body Bulletproof Shoulders is a great program for you.

About the Program
Bulletproof Shoulders addresses common flexibility, mobility and strength balance issues in athletes.

  • 40 workouts
  • 15-20 minutes each
  • Best done before your normal daily workout

Bulletproof Shoulders 101 is built to imporove:

  • Shoulder Flexion
  • Shoulder Abduction
  • Unilateral Pulling
  • Unilateral Pressing
  • Strength at end range
  • Carry stamina

If you lack shoulder flexion or shoulder abduction range of motion Bulletproof Shoulders 101 is a great program to start with.

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Thousands of athletes use Active Life Bulletproof Programs to improve performance and eliminate pain.

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Additional Bulletproof Programs

We are transitioning all other Bulletproof Programs to this site. If you buy a Bulletproof Program on The Old Site we will move your account here when the program is ready on this site.

About Bulletproof Programs

Active Life offers more than 13 Bulletproof Programs designed by our doctors to improve joint health, strength balance, mobility and flexibility.

Most Bulletproof sessions take less than 20 minutes and can be completed before or after your normal daily workout.

Bulletproof Programs are templated, linear progressions addressing common imbalances, flexibility and mobility. Roughly 90% of the athletes we work with use Bulletproof Programs.

However, they may not be appropriate for athletes:

  • recovering from surgery
  • experiencing pain from an acute injury like an ankle sprain
  • with prolonged pain (more than a month)
  • with pain in multiple areas

If you aren’t sure what to do fill out this form and one of our coaches will help you out.

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Bulletproof Shoulders
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