Bulletproof Shoulders

Bulletproof Shoulders

Bottom Line Up Front
If you lift weights, throw a ball, swim, carry kids around or use your arms for anything other than keeping a shirt on your body Bulletproof Shoulders will make your life better.

About the Program
Bulletproof Shoulders addresses common upper body flexibility, mobility and strength balance issues with 40 easy to follow workouts.

  • 40 workouts
  • 15-20 minutes each
  • Best done before your normal daily workout

Bulletproof Shoulders 101 is built to improve:

  • Shoulder Flexion
  • Shoulder Abduction
  • Unilateral Pulling
  • Unilateral Pressing
  • Strength at end range
  • Carry stamina

Buy it once. Own it forever.
When you buy any Bulletproof Program you have access to it forever…or at least as long as we’re in business. 😉

Price: Only $149
Wait?!?! It’s only $149 for a program built by doctors and battle tested by thousands of athletes?

Yes. It’s only $149…and you own it forever.

How do I know if Bulletproof Shoulders is right for me?

  • Your shoulders hurt before, during or after a workout. Especially one involving pull ups or pressing.
  • You have limited shoulder flexion or shoulder abduction.
  • You struggle with overhead movements like press, overhead squats, snatch, etc.
  • Your shoulder strength and/or function is limiting your ability to enjoy life.

How do I know if Bulletproof Shoulders is WRONG for me?
If you are recovering from surgery or an acute injury you need to speak with an Active Life Doctor before starting any Bulletproof Program. Use the form below.

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