Bulletproof Programs

Bulletproof Programs

If you lift weights, throw a ball, swim, carry kids around or use your body for anything other than keeping clothes on your body our Bulletproof Programs make your life better.

Bulletproof Programs are templated strength balance workouts addressing common flexibility, mobility and joint health issues. 40 workouts each. 15-20 minutes per workout.

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Bulletproof Big 4 Bundle

Access to:

  • Bulletproof Back
  • Bulletproof Shoulders
  • Bulletproof Ankles
  • Bulletproof Hips

Every athlete should do these 4 programs once per year.

Good news! Buy Bulletproof Big 4 once and you own it forever.

Price: Only $395. Save $201 based on the individual prices.

If you live another 40 years that’s less than $10/year. I mean, what a deal. I’d totally do it.

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Yep, you can buy all 14 Bulletproof Programs and all 9 Corrective Action Programs for $995. That saves over one thousand dollars based on individual prices. We call it the Bulletproof Full Monty.

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