Active Life Mentorship

Active Life Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Info

Start Date: 9 January 2019
Meeting time: 12 Noon Eastern Time
Meeting details: Odd weeks are group zoom calls, even weeks are 1 on 1 zoom calls for 30 minutes.
Program duration: 4 Months

Purpose: Gain the self awareness necessary to grow your business or your personal value.

Process: Weekly meeting supplemented by weekly assignments meant to change your mindset to one that is limitless.

Payoff: Get what you want, when you want it, how you want it. Earn trust from your target market and overwhelm them with value. Become the respected professional that you know you can be.

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What’s Included

– Bi weekly private call for 30 Minutes
– Weekly Assignments to be turned in for feedback
– Biweekly call for 1 hour with entire group
– Full Active Life Coach Certification in Assessment and Programming
– Access to Closed Facebook group where only mentees and Dr. Sean are allowed

What To Expect

– Better assess clients in Active Populations
– Write corrective exercise programming
– Better grow a private business helping people anywhere in the world, in pajamas, from your bed
– Add a new revenue stream to any gym or rehabilitation clinic
– Early notification (before public release) of any future Active Life opportunities