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By keeping your athletes happy and healthy.
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The fitness industry is broken.

Coaching in most gyms is undervalued

So, it is difficult for a coach in the gym to achieve financial freedom.

You didn’t get into the fitness business to get rich, but you need to make money if you’re going to stay in it.

  • Help your clients train without pain
  • Start selling your solutions instead of your time
  • Work Less and get paid more

If you are great at your job, you should be paid well to do it.

We've helped hundreds of coaches achieve financial freedom doing exactly what they love.

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Become an Active Life Professional

Step 1:
Get immediate exposure to our assessments and their application in the Coach Member Area.

Step 2:
Choose the date and location of the Active Life Assessment workshop you will attend. Sharpen your assessment skills and gain confidence in their application.

Step 3:
Select an online Active Life Coach Immersion date and time that fits into your schedule for 3 months of in depth training.

Coaches who successfully complete the Immersion Course are invited to our Tier 2 coach training program.

We're Committed To Your Success

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The Agreement

Promise 1:
You will make all of your money back before the courses are even over or we will reimburse you the difference.

Promise 2:
You are not on your own. You get a full year of professional support.

Promise 3:
If you are not a great fit for this education we will not allow you to buy it. If you are, we’re going to ask you to sign up.

Enjoy a successful, fulfilling, career, as the trusted resource for people who want to get fit without aches and pains.

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