Active Life Immersion for Coaches

Next Sessions Begin: 19 June and 24 July

Active Life Immersion for Coaches

Learn from Active Life Director of Coach Development Dr. Ray Gorman and Co Founder of Active Life Dr. Sean Pastuch how to turn Active Life Assessment data into Corrective Action Programs.

The immersion program is 3 months long.

Spots for each immersion are limited.

Available Immersion Date(s):

What is it?

Your opportunity to complete the same training as an Active Life 1 on 1 Coach.

You learn:

  • Corrective Exercise Program Design
  • Advanced Program Modification and design
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Interesting. How does it work?

Weekly Training Calls
12 x 1 hour video calls in a small group (maximum of 12 members at a time)

  • Calls are weekly on the same day and time as call #1
  • Miss a call? We record and share every call in a closed Facebook group so you never miss any content
  • Calls cover all aspects of coaching from program design to professional development and sales

Weekly Assignments

  • approximately 30 minutes of work/day
  • examinations to ensure proficiency

4 Phases of Excellence

1. Interpreting the movement screen and appropriate modification.
2. Interpreting the strength assessment and programming to correct imbalances.
3. Advanced programming concept…like program design for tendon issues.
4. Personal and business development to monetize the education.

Continuing Education Units
CrossFit: 13
NASM: 1.9
AFAA: 15
NSCA: 2.0

Have questions?
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