1 on 1 Coaching Application

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Apply for 1 on 1 Coaching

A custom program isn’t right for everyone so we ask new members to apply.

Of those who apply:

  • About half start 1 on 1 Coaching
  • 40% start with a Bulletproof Program
  • Roughly 10% are referred to a doctor or a non Active Life program

Applying is pretty easy:
Step 1: Answer a few questions
Step 2: An Active Life Doctor reviews your info and contacts you via email
Step 3: Speak with an Active Life Doctor (when appropriate)

I have been working with Dr. Lance for the past 6-months and this has been an amazing experience. I was so disappointed for months if not years that I could not get better. I went to several Physical Therapists who offered me the recommendation that I was “too active” and should just stop doing what I was doing and that would make me better.

I was in constant pain between my ankle and shoulder and when I trained it only got worse. Now, I have no pain. I would limp around my apartment until my ankle would warm-up. Pain became part of my life and it shouldn’t have been. Now, I don’t have any of those problems and I have the tools and knowledge to not only stay healthy, but be proactive and preventative.

Thank you Lance and the Active Life team. This was amazing!! Chris Douglass

Active Life 1 on 1 Coaching Client, 8 March 2019

Active Life 1 on 1 Coaching

Since 2015 we’ve helped thousands of athletes recover from injury and get out of pain without going to the doctor.

You don’t need to dread waking up in the morning or bending over to pick something up.

Pain does not need to be a constant companion in your life.

Many of our athletes experience relief in as a little as 2 weeks.

You should be next.

It’s our mission in life to get athletes out of pain.

We’ve helped thousands of athletes experience the joy of working out without fear of injury.

We’ve helped them play with their kids, move furniture and lift a carseat without wincing in pain.

Don’t suffer another day needlessly.

See if we can give you the coaching and tools to change your life.

We’re here for you. Just hit the button to get started.

Speak With An Active Life Doctor

Communicate via email or phone. It’s your choice.

Not every athlete is a good fit for 1 on 1 coaching.

In fact, we recommend an Active Life Bulletproof program more than half the time.

We’re not trying to separate you from as much money as possible. We’re giving you the best possible solution to your problem.

That’s our promise to you – ff we aren’t the right solution for you we’ll tell you who is.

You have nothing to lose…except nagging injuries and sadness. 😉

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